. The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. If you have made this difficult decision, our office can help you navigate that process based on our extensive experience with all aspects of the divorce process.

While divorce always contains some degree of stress and anxiety, our mission is to get our clients through the divorce process as quickly and fairly as possible. We avoid unnecessary conflict and make every effort to settle cases without going to court. 

We enjoy working with all kinds of families to move through the divorce or separation process so they can get on with their lives and create a new vision for their family. 


Resolve your disputes without the time and cost of going to court.

Mediation is a cost effective and efficient alternative to litigation. While meditation is not appropriate in every case, where it is appropriate, it can save people an enormous amount of legal fees, stress and time. 

A mediator is a neutral person who does not represent either side. Instead, a mediator works with all parties to reach agreements on some or all of the issues in their case or conflict. Mediation can take place with or without attorneys present.

Mediation also enables people to retain control over the outcome of their divorce or separation. Parties can be creative in reaching solutions that work for their family and individual needs.

Mediation allows people to keep their divorce process private and away from the public court setting. 

Anne Mania is an experienced and certified mediator. She also frequently advises clients who are working with a mediator. Anne mediates prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as divorce and co-parenting and co-habitation agreements.

Parenting Plans 

A parenting plan is an agreement or court order that says where children live and how parents make decisions for their children (also referred to as a plan for physical and legal custody).

Whether you are creating a parenting plan for the first time, or need a change based on new circumstances in your life, we can help you get to a parenting plan that works for best for your children and you.

We keep your children’s wellbeing front and center at all times. Because exposure to parental conflict is one of the main factors in how children experience separation or divorce, we help our clients craft parenting plans that minimize conflict as much as possible. We also regularly consult with mental health professionals to make sure that parenting plans are developmentally appropriate for children.


A divorce coach can help you move through your divorce or separation in a way that aligns with your values and priorities. A coach is in your corner to strategize to reduce the costs and stress of the divorce process.

In her coaching, Anne uses her experience as an attorney to help her clients understand the legal issues in their case and work effectively within the limits of the Family Court system.

She helps clients work more efficiently with their attorneys, saving clients’ time and attorney fees.

Anne is certified as a High Conflict Divorce Coach, both through the High Conflict Custody Coaching program and the New Ways for Family Coaching Course for high conflict families. 

What are the benefits of a divorce coach?
  • Someone in your corner who knows the divorce process and can help you get through all aspects of that process.
  • Provides techniques and communication skills to reduce conflict with a difficult opposing party
  • Assists you to work effectively with your attorney to reduce costs and present your case in the best possible light in court and settlement negotiations.
  • Help to prepare for court appearances with or without and attorney.
  • Provides resources for self care and forward movement through the conflict.


People file appeals when the trial court makes a mistake that affects the outcome of a case. An appeal asks the appellate court to review what happened in the trial court and rule on whether the trial judge made a legal mistake and should fix it.

Appeals are difficult to win and can be very expensive. Before you decide to pursue an appeal, it should be clear that the trial court made a substantive mistake that changed the result in your case.

We help clients evaluate whether they have a strong issue for appeal and to weigh the costs and benefits of pursuing an appeal. We represent clients in the Court of Appeal both as Appellant and Respondent.